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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Following My Bliss

For me creative writing is awakening. I feel fully alive. I lose self-consciousness and become conscious. Writing feeds my soul and completes me. It connects my heart and mind and opens me to self-exploration recreated into words. It exalts my spirit and the real me sings out.

Creative writing puts me in touch, makes me aware, and connects all my parts. It makes me feel whole and free…a watershed release from deep inside. It’s joyous and fulfilling.

It gives my life force a voice that speaks my inner truth.

Because most of my writing is for business, writing creatively is a rare luxury, stolen moments to tell my stories. I’ve waited to tell my stories, until I could take the risk, until my children were independent, until I believed in my work, until others affirmed it.

The stories have been gestating far too long, and I feel as if I’m going to burst soon. They seem so insistent, demanding to be told. I am “very pregnant” with them. They’ve been waiting for their time to live and refuse to wait any longer.

I’ve seen the effect my stories have on others from my Writing from Life classes, at a public reading in Woodstock where the audience was brought to tears, and at a Writer’s Studio memoir workshop in New York City. I’ve learned that my stories are not just for me.

They need to be told and shared. Through them, I experienced the power to connect to many. They’re universal stories of family, relationships, sorrow, and healing.

I’ve been told for years, “You should write a book.” And so the time has come to nurture my self-expression and transform my experiences into my memoir of blog stories.

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  1. Once again you've given me a smile -- you're writing is so pleasant.

  2. Sharon,

    Tweet me about your passion for writing:)
    I think we are blogmates now.


  3. I like your passion. I wish I could become a more talented writer, but like you said, it frees me. I write because that's how I discover myself. I love your passion!

  4. Thanks, Marty. Welcome to my blog:)


  5. Erana - I too do most of my writing in the business world, aka the world of numbers. I soooo relate to the pregnancy phase of writing. I've started carrying a little notebook that fits in my pocket so that during the day, surrounded by numbers, I can pause to write. I call it my 'sparkly things' journal. Thanks for stirring the kindling on a very cold night!

  6. Beth,

    I'll write on anything so I don't lose the thought. Some of my most creative ideas come in a warm tub or while driving. I have to dry my hands or wait til I'm at a stoplight:)

  7. It is wonderful to see such passion. And one thing I can say for sure, if people tell you to write a book, you have no right to disappoint them!

  8. I can absolutely relate to how writing makes you feel and how it feeds the soul. I find when I cannot, I don't feel complete and the need fills me inside until I just might burst.

    Sounds a bit extreme maybe? But I'm sure you each know the feeling.

    I agree, if you are told you should write a book, it's something that you should most definitely do!

  9. Thanks for the encouragement, Bernadine. Perhaps my blog will lead me to my book.

  10. Erana, I'm among the write for a living, write for personal pleasure, write because I simply MUST group. I do not remember a time when writing wasn't a part of who I am, and I've been fortunate for the last 9 years to make a living with it. The past two years forced a revamp and with it, a discovery of blogging and a whole new writing genre to devour.

    The power of this particular medium is vast, I am finding, and I am happy to meet others of the same Soul Path where writing is as breathing. I am not one without the other, ever. To my neverending delight, I am learning that my words via my blog are touching hearts and making a mark on the world in a manner I always dreamed to achieve. Small steps now, but I feel they are leading each of us to as yet unknown triumphs. It makes for an interesting ride!

    ~ Dawn

  11. Thank you, Dawn, for sharing part of your writing journey. We seem to be travelers on the same path.