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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I close my eyes and breathe deeply. As I take deeper, longer breaths, in my mind, I am transported.

I stand before an arch looking at the path that takes me into a golden field on the way to the garden, my beautiful, tranquil garden.

I follow the path to the water and the secluded garden where my guide awaits.

It is a spiritual retreat, and only I have access. It is an inner resting place I have created when there is nowhere else to go.

Life’s pressures and stresses are not allowed in my secret garden.

Once I am there, I escape the cares and weight of life. My guide is always there …when I am afraid, uncertain and alone. We are connected. We sit beside the water, and my guide listens to my doubts and apprehensions.

I know I can rely on my guide to help me when life is too much, and I need refuge. This is our time and place, an inner world untouched by others where there is peace and comfort from external reality.

In the garden, I am comforted by my gentle guide. We are detached from the material world.

In this oasis of meditation, I transcend responsibilities, worries and anxieties.

In my garden I am calm. I am safe. I am free.

Copyright © Erana Leiken, 2009 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Archway photo by Maureen McGarrigle


  1. Stop it! You're making me want to get out in my garden:) At least I can see if when I take my eyes off my computer screen. Beautiful reminder to spend time in our real and imaginary gardens. Thanks:)

  2. You're welcome. Our gardens are where we "grow."

  3. Erana, saw your blog listed on blogcatalog and thought I would stop by. I love to meditate as well, though don't do it as often as I probably should. It's such a wonderful reprieve from the fast pace of everyday life and reminds me to slow down and stay grounded. Also nice to be reminded we have an invisible 'support system' out there.

  4. Beautiful words, this thought can be applied to real life as well. If we are happy and have good attitude towards others God always opens the gateways for us to reach him easily.