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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Resolutions...There’s a Better Way

I used to take them seriously…made lists, worded them carefully and discovered that in spite of that, New Year resolutions were pretty much the same from year to year:

Find true love

Make more money

Lose weight and exercise

So this year, I’ve decided to be more flexible with my resolutions because the same issues are still with me, only this time under a blue moon. I'm going broader and lighter with my insistent resolutions after 60 some years of resolution making.

So how about...
Be ____ and fill in the blank.

Be happy

Be me

Be spontaneous and so on.

Create a “Be” list that can be organic as you live 2010. You can add and subtract from your Be’s in real time. It’s far less stringent and infinitely more adaptable to life as it happens. As the cliché goes, “Be all you can be.”

Well, I’m willing to try something new and see if my “Be list” resolution worked when I start 2011. If not, I'll add it to my ongoing resolutions:)

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Photo by Bartek Ambrozik

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