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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why the Olympics Make Me Cry

Why do the Olympic stories and competitions make me tearful? Are the young, beautiful athletes striving to do their personal best to win a medal more than an athletic competition?

Their struggles and courage move me. I’ve never lost the desire to be my best even though I’m not young anymore.

The stirrings are always there…when I attempt something that’s new…when I set a goal and work to achieve it. I relate to the athletes striving, no matter what it takes, pushing their boundaries and limitations.

There is a victory in the attempt regardless of the outcome. There may be disappointment but ultimately it’s not how the world views us… it’s what we learn about ourselves in the quest.

The competition with yourself to become more, to be better is a lifelong challenge that can bring out the best in us. So the Olympians, the amateur athletes who compete their hearts out, while the world watches, touch my heart and evoke my tears.

I love them for their trying with everything they’ve got and overcoming pain, personal setbacks and losses. The game goes on as does the human spirit to achieve, to break records, to discover what is possible if you put in the effort and dream big. They remind me of what commitment and a sense of purpose can bring.

Life is a series of trials and runs…it’s part of the journey of self-discovery and being alive. Don’t quit…try again…take risks…go where your passion leads you. See what’s possible for you.

For me the Olympics represent more than the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” It’s about living life to the fullest wherever we cross the finish line.

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Metal photo by Alessandro Paiva
Victory sign photo by Kriss Szkurlatowsk


  1. So true. There are so many stories of athletes who have dedicated the last several years to doing their best. As a Canadian, we are seeing a number of success stories, but also quite a few tears from athletes who did not quite make it to the podium.

  2. Erana - They make me cry as well, as can a Rugby game when they sing their national anthems. I've often been so jealous of how it must feel to leap into the air and throw your fists and arms up in celebration. If only we could/would capture that power in our every day lives. Well done, thank1

  3. I think the power is always there. Usually it gets a jumpstart from one of life's pushes:)

  4. Erana, I couldn't agree with you more. I always strive to do my best in everything that I do but even when I'm not successful (at least in the world's idea) I was always happy for trying my best & learning whatever I could.

    I to love the Olympics & beyond the stories & the striving to be better, I love the fact that we come together as a world.

    Thanks & Hugs,


  5. Their struggles and dedications are my inspirations. Frankly, they enticed me to do great things in life.

  6. Yes, they remind us of what we can do:)

  7. Very true. Although I don't have time to watch them, my heart swells with pride when I hear the personal stories of all the individuals involved.

  8. I got to see more this year...many "touching" stories about personal triumphs. They inspired me:)