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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Still Learning My ABC's

I found some notes I started in 2009 when I jotted down letters of the alphabet and then freewrote words that came to mind from them.

Looking at them now, I see that my word play was really a litmus test for my perceptions about life.

The words  I created from each initial alphabet letter told me how I was doing and my perspective.

I never finished the whole alphabet and I created them randomly, not sequentially. They may not be tea leaves, but they are indicators of where my "head" is and a good barometer for how I am seeing things at this stage of  life.

The alphabet seeds brought forth new thoughts from my interior garden and showed me how my awareness has shifted over the past few years in spite of job changes, health concerns and the old insecurities that used to run my life.

So I am still learning from my ABC's. They are a rorschach, an inkblot for my life now, freely expressed and good to see on the page.

L for laughter, life, light

A for angels, attitude, advance

J   for joy, journey, jubiliation

F  for freedom, forward, fun

E  for energy, enlightenment, enhance

G  for good, grace, gratitude

C  for courage, change, choice

P  for positive, powerful, productive

As I writer, I could complete the alphabet and the words they prompt, but I choose to let the inspiration speak for itself and for me.

They occurred spontaneously and will remain as they showed up in my consciousness. They are welcome at a more contented time in my life:)

Copyright © Erana Leiken, 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Photo of magnet letters by guil

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