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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Erana in Wonderland

Sometimes my mind is in a hurry and races along like the White Rabbit eager to get to the next new idea.

The mind is a wonderful thing. It takes us anywhere, anytime and lets us frolic through ideas, memories, fantasies, reflections.

My mind loves to play. It can also overwork and sometimes refuses to shut up like the Mad Hatter.

When I daydream, my mind flits from thought to thought as if I were a busy bee pausing at each mind flower to sample its nectar.

As my mind wanders, it discovers, it lingers, and it bolts. Some thoughts enter and leave right away. “Hmm, that’s interesting.” “Don’t go there…you know what happens there.” Others are obsessive and won’t let go. “Why did he do that? When will I ever learn?”

My mind takes me places where I laugh, cry, and get mad.

I have states of mind that can spiral me into fear, dread, and anger or joy and contentment. My mind conjures up faces, conversations, replays and even re-records events as they happened and as I wish they had happened. “Why didn’t I say.”

My mind acts like a child: “Go ahead, try it. Have fun!” Like an adult: “Are you crazy? Do you know what will happen if you do that?”Like the Queen of Hearts, my mind becomes tyrannical as it imagines “off with my head.”

Sometimes I over think, analyze to the nth degree, and put myself in a riddle like the Cheshire Cat. Sometimes I misconstrue, think it’s one thing when it’s not that at all.

Mind tricks and mind games can be misleading and create doubt and distrust. I have to catch myself from going into dark alleys and trying to avoid trouble I’m creating.

I’ve tried mind control. “Stop thinking about it.” Sometimes it works. Other times the mind has a will of its own and refuses to be corralled. It mostly wants to be untethered and act on its own accord.

It’s interesting and often delightful to let it wander, play with ideas as if they were friends, and explore new thoughts.

When I let my mind be free, I often discover creative ways of seeing things. It helps me problem solve and reframe situations and issues.

I am mind “full,” too much at times, and even capricious. When I let it rest, it takes time out for awhile during meditation, a sort of spa for the mind to get refreshed and start anew.

During meditation, I need to protect my mind from reality, the lists, tasks, chores of everyday life. We both need a break.

The rewards for taking a mind break often lead me to inspiration and creative breakthroughs. Today I took a mind break.

Illustration by Peter Sheaf Hersey Newell
Alice in Wonderland by DGBurns
Wonderland by A-D Passion

Copyright © Erana Leiken, 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


  1. The mind has a mind of it's own! Mine is like a monkey swinging from branch to branch. I really enjoyed reading your post.
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  2. Isn't the mind an amazing thing? We don't have to leave our homes to have all these incredible experiences. I recently did a post on my blog about the health benefits of daydreaming. Since your mind is obviously rich with fantasy, according to current research, you're doing all the right things to help your mind and body stay healthy!

  3. Good to know that. I know I feel the most alive when I'm being creative.